Lux x10 Continues with Music from the Top of the Decades! Tuesday and Wednesday, January 7th and 8th


Tuesday 1/7: 5pm- Johnny Witmer spins music from the MEAN STREETS of 1980 on Super Grease Radio!

Wednesday 1/8: 5pm- DJ Lee Joseph spins two solid hours of 1970 on Over Under Sideways Down; 7pm- Ian Whitcomb makes his triumphant return TONIGHT with trusty sidemen Big Jim Dawson and Chuck Kelley spinning music from a hundred years ago, (!) 1920 on the Ian Whitcomb Show; 9pm- Gary Schneider and guest Mike Fennelly are dialed in for Lux X10 on O.M.E., it's "1970....POP, ROCK, SOUL" from N.Y., L.A. and Vietnam F.M. radio broadcasts!!! Some AMAZING music was out at that tyme.......hard to believe?!?! TURN-ON.........TUNE-IN............LISTEN and fynd out!