All Week! Sunday through Saturday- LuxuriaMusic DJs Celebrate the Amazing Musical Year of 1966

The DJs are working feverishly on their show plans! Here's what we know so far:

Pepperland Spicerack- Kristian Hoffman (Sunday, noon to 2pm) 1966 - The year of the first Acid Test! Julian Bond refused a seat in the Georgia House of Representatives because of opposition to the Viet Nam War! Ronnie Kray shoots George Cornell dead at The Blind Beggar Pub! Lennon says "We're more popular than Jesus now!" Soviet Space probe crashes on Venus! Time's cover story is "London- The Swinging City"! Artificial heart planted in Marcel DeRudder! The Church of Satan is formed by Anton Szandor LaVey! Freedom of Information Act! Sniper Charles Whitman kills 14 in Austin! Small World opens in Disneyland! Miranda Rights established! Dark Shadows premieres! Beatles last live performance as  touring band - in - where else? - Candlestick Park! Timothy Leary forms the League for Spiritual Discovery! (Get it?)  Black Panther Party founded! Toyota Corolla introduced! Grace Slick joins Jefferson Airplane! John meets Yoko! Truman Capote's Black and White Ball! Viet Nam War escalation! Boris Karloff narrates "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" for the first time! Supreme Court - Julian Bond must be seated!
Could anything possibly be more LUX? Tune in to hear the aural accompaniment to this year, which included the releases of the masterpieces Pet Sounds, Freak Out,  and Revolver!

The Paisley Underground Consortium- Michael Quercio & Miss Paisley (4-6pm) Join Michael the Q and Lina the Que on their musical stroll through the BOSS 1966 musical landscape! Get ready to GROOVE!

Thrifting for Tunes
- John T (Sunday, 5-6pm) John T.’s contribution to LuxuriaMusic’s 1966 Week is an all-soundtrack show featuring music from movies released —when else?—  in ’66! Music from the original scores and re-interpreted selections old  and new from the likes of The Big Gundown, Georgy Girl, The Silencers, The Man Called Flintstone, and more! Heck, you’ll even hear Domenico Modugno sing the opening credits to Pasolini’s Uccellacci E Uccellini! There’s a seat waiting for you in the balcony…

The Beyondophonic Action Hour- Tothar (Sunday, 6-7pm) An hour of Dynagroovy tracks from a range of albums released by RCA in 1966.

The Kitsch Niche- (Sunday, 8-11pm) Strike helps to kick off Luxuriamusic's week-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the greatest year ever: 1966!
He'll have 3 hours of music from that seminal year, including Batman songs, Spy music, TV themes, Halloween songs, Exotica and international tunes, A '66 soul party, garage, and more!

West Coast Fog- Erik Bluhm (Tuesday, 7-9pm) Tune in to hear some American Primitive guitar players, jangly L.A. folk rock 45s, and the San Francisco scene before it got cruddy… all from 1966!

INTOXICA! Radio- Howie Pyro (Tuesday, 9-11pm) As Intoxica centers around lunkhead primitive teenage hell music generally made around 1966 (but also made in 1956,7,8,9,60,61,62,63,64,64,&67...) I'm going to pull the most insane, chaotic, teenage inept stunners for the 1966 celebration!

Madly Cocktail Kat Griffin (Wednesday, 5-7pm) 1966 was the year Caesar's Palace and The Aladdin opened, and Howard Hughes took up residence at The Desert Inn, so we're gonna swing with recordings by Las Vegas entertainers of the day like Charo, Xavier Cugat, Frank & pals, Phyllis Diller, and Andy Williams.
Open Mynd Excursion- Gary Schneider (Wednesday, 9-11pm) From the vaults! Gary presents an evening of what 1966 sounded like on pop radio.

The Caravan - Andy McKaie (Thursday, 4-5pm) 1966 was the inaugural year of The Mamas and the Papas. Andy will present a retrospective.

Clean Needle Exchange- The Harm Reductionist (Friday, 3-5pm) Hey, Leroy! Your mama, she callin' you man! SOUL sounds of sixty-six. The year before Aretha found her sound. The year before we lost the Big O. The year before Stereo swept the marketplace. It's all happening. All original LPs and 45s pressed in '66 for your sweet soul pleasures. From gravity with love.
C'mon Live A Little - Derrick Bostrom (Saturday, 4-5pm) It's a Walt Disney show for Derrick. He died in 1966. 

Space Patrol - Carl Howard (Saturday, 5-6pm) A global look at the music of 1966, with perspectives from France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Poland, Hungary, and Congo... as well as American R&B singles, and a dip into the world of British Production Library Music, which experienced a Mod Explosion that year!