Founding member of the Beach Boys AL JARDINE on Heroes & Villains!!

Al Jardine, a founding member of The Beach Boys, has given an exclusive interview to Chuck Kelley, host of the weekly Beach Boys internet radio show, “Heroes & Villains” which will air on LuxuriaMusic ( at the following dates/times...

Friday June 13 at 4:00 PM
Saturday June 14 at 10:00 AM
Sunday June 29 at 9:00 AM
*all times are Pacific Standard Time.  

During the interview, Jardine and Kelley spoke at length about the guitarist’s first ever solo album, “A Postcard From California,” which features guest appearances by Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Steve Miller, Flea, Glen Campbell, Brian Wilson and others.  Jardine also spoke about the  reunion he had with his fellow Beach Boys on top of the Capitol Records tower in 2006,  touring with Brian Wilson in 2007, and now that all the lawsuits between Jardine and the rest of the Beach Boys have been settled, a possible Beach Boys reunion.

At his website ( Jardine has made a number of tracks from the “A Postcard From California” available to sample. And listeners to Jardine’s appearance on “Heroes & Villains” will be treated to an exclusive sampling of two tracks that haven’t been heard anywhere else - a re-recording of the Beach Boys #1 hit single Help Me Rhonda with guest vocalist Steve Miller , and the long-in-the-making recording of Jardine’s song “Dont Fight The Sea” which features vocals by Jardine, his son Matt Jardine, Brian Wilson, and Carl Wilson who died in 1998.

Photo courtesy of the Jardine Archive.

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