Lesley Gore & More @ 4

This Monday, August 8th, 2011 brings an all-new episode 71 of "Come To The Sunshine" at 4PM (pacific)/7PM (eastern)/12 midnight (GMT) featuring two hours of splendid sixties sounds. (repeats this Sunday at 7am pacific)  

Hour one of the show will include original singles (direct from vinyl and all in MONO) from Gil & Johnny/The Others/Marvin's Circus/The Carousel/Vanity Fare/The Shambles/Wild Silk/Eddie Hodges/The Shaggy Boys/The Shuffles/The Boys Next Door/The Fantastic Baggys/The Springfield Rifle/Sir Henry And His Butlers/The Gross National Product/A Handful/The Dirty Shames/The Scarecrow/The Seagulls/The Mother Love 

Hour two explores the late sixties recordings of Lesley Gore, focusing on selections from Lesley's 1967 album, California Nights, in MONO (not available on CD in this mix). Also, we'll be spinning tracks from her unissued follow-up, Magic Colors, which was recently exhumed for CD release by our friends at ACE. We'll hear tracks from the ACE reissue, as well as many of the original single mixes which have thus far escaped digitization. 

I hope you join me this afternoon, or some Monday soon....


Andrew Sandoval


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