Don't Miss "C'mon! Live A Little!" This Week!

"C'mon! Live A Little!" continues to surge through the LuxuriaMusic Spring Pledge Drive, cleaving into the fray like the proverbial warm knife into soft butter. And it's great that host Derrick Bostrom cares so much about this station to take the time out from his busy schedule to make that effort, but why does he have to be so bitchy about it?

"What are you waiting for?" He whines, "We've got bills to pay!"

In his defense, Bostrom is probably just impatient to get to the music. And what music it is! This week, we hear from the Trumpeteers, Bob Thompson, Peter Thomas, Sammy Kaye, Tony Hatch, Laurie Johnson, Ed Lincoln, the Doodletown Pipers, the Browns, the Poppy Family and many many others!  Why WOULDN'T you, when faced with such a lineup, instinctively reach for your wallet?

We hope that the toll of shilling for Lux doesn't take too much of a toll of Bostrom's fragile state of mind. In truth, none of the Luxuria boss jocks enjoy the task. But listening to us beg is certainly no worse than suffering the rest of the advertisements we're currently saddled with. Ask yourself: would you rather your hard earned dollars go to some faceless stranger teaching you how to take advantage of the housing crisis?

Join us this Saturday at 3!