Riot on Sunset Strip DJ Goes Bossa

Gary McFarland, Getz and Gilberto at Cafe A Go Go (now Bleeker Bobs) in Greenwich Village, New York, George Shearing, Jack Costanzo, Rene Touzet at The Crescendo on Sunset Strip, plus actual flamenco from a Folkways album, two by Astrud from '60s soundtrack LPs, and a few good Bossa Nova Beatles and Stones covers by Joe Pass, Howard Roberts, Bud Shank. West Coast Jazz Bossa Nova with Buddy Colette, Teddy Edwards, Shelly Manne, Paul Horn, Dave Brubeck, Vince Guraldi, Cal Tjadr, Laurindo Almeida.... all today on "Pretty World" 
Riot on Sunset Strip host Domenic Priore will come on for his own radio show today at:

7 p.m.


6 p.m.


1 p.m.

New York

10 a.m.


... and then, sandwiching Kristian Hoffman's radio show "Pepperland Spice Rack," substituting for "Pretty World's" real host, Switched On Audrey, Domenic will spin two hours of Bossa Nova by the above-named artists... stay tuned at:

11 p.m.


10 p.m.



Pretty World by Domenic

Thanks Domenic for doing a great job on my show!