From the family archives: Johnny Puleo tries to hit on Mom!

Here's a little something from the family archives I thought I'd share with you all today...


That's my mom in the picture — all 4 feet 11 inches of her — towering over harmonica virtuoso Johnny Puleo... circa 1962, at a classy joint called Le Faisan Bleu here in Montreal.


My Dad can be seen cracking up in the background... He really didn't seem to mind Johnny P. trying to score with Mom... it was the swingin' sixties after all.


Perhaps the fling had actually started a few years earlier, when mom says she first saw Puleo opening for Johnny Mathis at the Fontainbleau in Miami Beach.


But it all ended on that night in 1962... Mom and Dad stayed together... Johnny went back on the road...


For more on Johnny Puleo, you can download this detailed bio (pdf format):


Also make sure to seek out his end-of-career guest appearance — only one year before his death in 1983 — in the hip and with-it Rat Pack caper parody, Maudlin's Eleven.



At first, I thought she was a giant...

Love this post, John! Looking forward to learning which other Luxuria luminaries hit on your lovely mom, Becky

Awesome pic!  It is worth

Awesome pic! 

It is worth noting that "Maudlin's Eleven" was originally broadcast on SCTV, and can currently be found on Volume Three of the SCTV DVD series.