The Encyclopedia of Sound... the Grand Finale!!!


A tuneful termination, a cacophonous conclusion, a sweet-sounding cessation, a discordant denouement...

John T & Tothar's year-long "Encyclopedia of Sound" project finally comes to an end this Sunday, December 19... beginning at 6 pm pacific/9 pm eastern on Thrifting for Tunes, and continuing at 7 pm pacific/10 pm eastern on The Beyondophonic Action Hour... on, of course!

Tune in for two solid hours of music, taking us through the letters W, X, Y, and Z (that's Zee in Tothar's case, Zed for John T!) in the Encyclopedia of Sound... from Wall of Voodoo and Hugo Winterhalter to Helmut Zacharias and The Zero Zero Seven Band... with plenty more musical madness in between!
The Encyclopedia of Sound is an ongoing series of radio shows airing on a monthly basis over the course of 2010 on the programs Thrifting for Tunes, hosted by John T, and The Beyondophonic Action Hour, hosted by Tothar. The series takes listeners on an alphabetical tour of artists through a sampling of the hosts' music libraries.

More info and playlists at the Encyclopedia of Sound blog.

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