10th Annual LuxuriaMusic BEATLES DAY

On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, come celebrate the music of John, Paul, George, Ringo, Billy, Stu, & Pete aka THE BEATLES with LuxuriaMusic.com DJ’s Steve Stanley, Andrew SandovalHowie Pyro, Strike, Jim Laspesa, Angel Baby, Dr. Nod and Luxotron. That’s right, it’s LuxuriaMusic’s 10th Annual Tribute to THE BEATLES!

This time each year we celebrate the music of Thee Fab 4 by playing covers, tributes, and novelty recordings by a wide variety of musical artists, such as Mrs. Miller, Keith Moon, The Rutles, The Nutty Squirrels, Father Rhode & His Mystery Men Band, William Shatner and The Beach Boys. Say you want a revolution?  This year the big twist that will make you shout is that we are breaking with convention and playing ACTUAL BEATLES RECORDINGS! This is more than just breakfast with Thee Fabs - this is breakfast, lunch, brunch, supper, dinner, dessert, as well as multiple cigarette breaks and bong hits!!  Dig it!!


12 am – 1pm: DJ Luxotron.   
1 - 2 pm : Angel Baby & Doctor Nod DJing together LIVE in bed!
2 - 4 pm: Jim “Big Bop” Laspesa.  
4 - 6 pm: Andrew “Grammy” Sandoval.
6 - 8 pm: Steve “It’s okay, Eppy” Stanley.
8 - 10 pm: Strike: live from the rooftop of the LuxuriaMusic building.
10 - Midnight: Howie “Helter Skelter” Pyro

*All times are Pacific Standard Time.


This is the TENTH anniversary?

Why did I think that was last year? Wow. I'm dumb but happy; play on fake Beatles!

ho do you all do...elinor

ho do you all do...elinor rigby by the elevator suite may fit nice with all this