A Special "Heroes And Villains" Program

A Special "Heroes And Villains" Program

Hello friends -

Next Saturday on "Heroes And Villains" I'll be hosting a 90-minute special on one of the greatest LPs in The Beach Boys' catalog: "Sunflower" (from 1970).

Produced in conjunction with Endless Summer Quarterly, the world's leading Beach Boys-related publication, our show will present the album (just re-released on 180-gram vinyl, with much-improved packaging using the original artwork) in its entirety, along with - naturally! - a heaping helping of alternate unreleased mixes, rarities, and insights from the Boys themselves.

I think this is the best "Heroes &Villains" I've ever produced, so please tune in, AND join us in the chatroom, for this very special program! Saturday February 19th, 1-2:30 pm PT at luxuriamusic.com!

See you there!!!
Dennis Kelley

"Heroes And Villains"
Sunflower Special!
Saturday February 19th at 4pm Eastern (1pm Pacific)
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