Be one of Luxuria's Sweet Little 16's!

Sweet 16 
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I've been sending Lux $5/mo

I've been sending Lux $5/mo since the last fund drive... can I get some swag too? :)

Free Stuff

"Everyone who signs on as a Sweet 16 subscriber before September 30 will get a selection of music chosen by a Luxuria Music DJ." So where's my swag?

I joined up...

Thanks for the ear-company in my studio.

I love Luxuria

I am so happy that I can finally once again afford to support Luxuria Music. Luxuria has provided the music for my life ever since XM radio got rid of their bachelor pad station in 2005. I love the luxitron and the DJ shows as well. Keep up the great work and don't change anything too much or too fast. -swelegant mistake


I'm a Sweet Sixteener! Thanks for the good work, from Indiana.

Are you going to let us know . . .

. . . when you get the Sweet 16 Superfans? I have no doubt that the magic number will be achieved -- I'd just like to know when it happens.