Luxuria is BACK, baby... in 10000 Ways!

Luxotron 1000
We can't thank all of our loyal and devoted listeners enough for all your love and your support in helping LuxuriaMusic get to the next stage in its development - the awesome Luxotron 10000 Supercomputer!
And to thank you, we're offering special programming, in-studio guests, and - most important of all - CONTESTS from now through Friday!!

The Contest:  We're playing our own version of "Name That Tune" once an hour during live shows. Winners get our exclusive compilation CD- "Luxotron's Greatest Hits!"

  • One contest per hour
  • Listeners, email your responses to within 20 minutes
  • Come cheat in the chat room
  • One winner will be drawn per contest question - enter as often as you like!
  • Names of the winners will be announced on air and on our homepage
  • "Luxotron's Greatest Hits" is just like a K-TEL commercial!

And how about some of that SPECIAL PROGRAMMING we promised you, eh?  How about... all this!

Monday, 8 – 10 pm
: SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS hosted by Sheryl Farber. Special in-studio guest Fatima James of The Blossoms.

Tuesday, 2 – 4 pm: LISTEN! LISTEN! Hosted by Tiffany Anders. Theme: Broken Dudes and Empowered Females.

Thursday, 6 – 8 pm: THEE CHARM SCHOOL Presents musical mayhem with two hours of sleazy listening and audio high jinks, hosted by your schooler with the oversized ruler, Charmin' Larman.

Wednesday, 9 – 10 pm: OPEN MYND EXCURSION with Gary Schnyder presents an episode of Cool & The Crazy, "Pre-Pledge Pajama Party", from Jan. 30, 1988! Ronn Spencer, if all goes well, will be calling in LIVE on the show.

Thursday, 5 – 6 pm: ATOMIC COCKTAIL Special ‘Claim That Clam’ contest.

Friday, 7 – 9 pm: K.A.O.S. A-GO-GO ‘Le Beat Bespoke’ tribute show, featuring bands that played at the event, as well as the new CD Le Beat Bespoke 5.

Friday. 9 – 11 pm: RADIO READYMADE welcomes new LA band, Detective--featuring James Greer (Guided By Voices), Guylaine Vivarat (Useless Keys, Tennis System) and Rory Modica (Useless Keys)--into the LuxuriaMusic studios on Friday, April 20th at 9pm. We'll be playing music chosen by the band for the occasion of Luxotron 10000's relaunch. Tune in for a chance to win a copy of Detective's first EP.

...And that's just for starters!  There is NO OPT-OUT for stuff that's THIS cool, cats and chicks!

We'll see you in the chatroom!!

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Great to see your hardcore

Great to see your hardcore machine !

New Luxotron!!!!

As Mr. Pacino would say,...



fLux Capacitor

Daisy, Daisy...

How's this work again?

Oh I get it... it's only on the LIVE programming. So all the cubicle-dwellers on the East Coast don't get much of a chance to play and win during the workday.

Official Notice for East Coast Dwellers

Go West, Young Man!