Musical Re-Fun Checks from Atomic Cocktail on Their Way for May!


You’ve had your fill of filing, deducting and calculating. Now the fun begins, as the popular Atomic Cocktail radio program returns to the air in a payback scenario of epic proportions. The first new, live Cocktail in two months arrives tonight, Thursday, May 3, at 5 p.m. California time at Join DJ host Vic Tripp as he returns with a thirst-slaking slate of audio dynamite from the Detroit Cobras, Rascals, Babs Gonzales, Tommy Hunt, Skeeter Davis, the Go-Nuts and others, plus hardcore astrological action from Harvey Sid Fisher, real-time Action House Chat-room and more. 

And check out these upcoming show lineups…
May 10: Ramones, Temptations, Roger Miller, Sons of Adam, Dave & Deke Combo
May 17: Third annual ‘It Ain’t Him, Babe’ Bob Dylan birthday special, with faux-Zims Barry McGuire, David Blue, the Love Society, more.
June 7: ‘Hurry Up, Summer’ solstice special with the Astronauts, Rick Nelson, Titans, Lesley Gore, etc.
Even if you miss the deadline for Thursday’s live broadcast, you can fix things easily by heading to the LuxuriaMusic site, selecting “Podcast,” then downloading “Atomic Cocktail.” Get what’s coming to you, cousin.

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Happy to hear that Atomic

Happy to hear that Atomic Cocktail is back!! Missed its shows and events. Kitchen Cabinet Design