This Saturday at 4 pm PT... Enroll in Space Patrol 112 !

Satisfying your yearnings for non-Los Angeles based Luxuria programming since the year 2003!

DJ Carl Howard will have a message for you, and it will be unwrapped this Saturday at 4 pm Pacific Time (7 pm ET/2400 GMT) to reveal a Nut Cluster Buster of a Space Patrol! episode featuring the standard chonklit assortment of 1960s Psych-a-Go-Go, European Production Library stompers, Bollywood classics and more.

This one's a real Wayback Machine episode first heard in ... ulp... 2005, before most of you were even born!

Can't make the show? Don't flagellate yourself unduly... the FREE Podcast will be available for download early next week. Check out the Annotated Playlist full of more info, and plenty of album cover art and blog links!  You can sign up for automatic notification of any Luxuria Podcast upload VIA any RSS Feeds Reader... or... get notified of all pertinent Space Patrol! doinz' VIA Facebook, including links to highly tempting album downloads from throughout the blogosphere!

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A Message For You

"Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."


Oh, you BET!