This Sunday: Celebrating 45 years of Monkees 45s!

This week marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the first Monkees 45 ("Last Train To Clarksville"). And, well, you know that Tothar can't resist an excuse to celebrate a cool anniversary on his Beyondophonic Action Hour show.

For this Sunday's Beyondophonic show, Tothar has lined up 19 nifty covers of Monkees A-sides and B-sides. I've got 18 different artists spanning 4.5 decades covering 13 Monkees songs! The talent roster includes the likes of Wanda Jackson and the Four Tops and The Church and Sam Phillips and Enoch Light and Perez Prado and Barry Gray...and MORE! And don't miss "the OTHER David Jones" covering Davy Jones, from a mega-rare late-1960s BBC Bowie session!

Join in the festivities 7pm Pacific/10pm Eastern at for the streaming feed and live chat. Can't listen during the broadcast? No worries -- just check Lux's podcast archives early this week to fetch a copy of the show "on demand." 
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monkees 45s

looking forward to tuning in!