Join Strike Monday night, Jan., 11th from 7 - 10 pm PST, as he looks back at the best moments of 2009's Kitsch Niche shows.  You'll hear all of your favorite skits, songs, fake commercials, and zany promos he's produced over the last year.  Hey, maybe you'll finally get to hear that Sgt. Carter Alarm Clock commercial you're kicking yourself in the head for missing!

Can't make it?  Download it as a podcast from our website any time after the show airs!!

The Best of the Kitsch Niche - 3 minutes of pure comedy!!

"TROPICALI" Pretty World Brazilian Psychedelic Trip

Tropicalia and Beyond (revisited)

"My long-suffering people said farewell to their pain to see a band go by - playing love songs" - Chico Buarque (from his song 'A Banda')

The 'Tropicalia' music of the late '60s and early '70s, in many ways, followed the trends of the UK and US: protest songs, psychedelic experimentation, a hippy return to strumming and shouting, heavy rock-glam and so on. Yet, distinct elements of traditional Brazilian culture were embedded (both sincerely and ironically) within the Tropicalia movement creating a unique musical world cohabited by the old and new - and also its fair share of controversy.

Come Celebrate Disneyland's 54th Birthday on the Kitsch Niche!! Monday, July 20th from 7 - 10 pm PST

Gorsh!  It's the 3rd annual Kitsch Niche Disneyland Birthday Celebration!  Join Strike next Monday, July 20th, starting at 7 pm PST as he marvels you with fun and rare audio from the history of Walt's fantasmic playland.  Music, documentary, ride audio, commercials...3 whole hours of Disneyland heaven!  Don't forget you can podcast it later if you can't make it to the show that night.  Come to the Happiest Place on Earth...Disneyland?  Heck no!  The Kitsch Niche!!  Just be careful if you decide to take the monorail there.  KABLAM!!

Nightscape #165: Stay warm and be cool!

Stay warm and be cool! Listen to Nightscape on, Wednesday, November 21 at 3:00 PM PST/6:00 PM EST.

Nightscape #164: A little something for everyone!

Bella here has a nose for great music. Her favorite spot on the Internet is Luxuriamusic and she recommends Nightscape for your listening pleasure and emotional support. There is a little something for everyone. Tune in to Nightscape on Wednesday, October 17, 3:00 PM PDT / 6:00 PM EDT.

Nightscape #163: Double your listening pleasure!

Double your listening pleasure! Unwrap Nightscape #163 for Brazilian and Jazz music Wednesday, September 19, 2018, at 3:00 PM PDT/6:00 PM EDT.

Playlist here:

Nightscape #161: It’s hot; it’s cool. Wait, it’s both!

It’s hot; it’s cool. Wait, it’s both! It’s Nightscape and it’s coming your way soon. Forget about the exit signs. Head straight to Luxuriamusic for Nightscape #161 on Wednesday, July 18, at 3:00 PM PDT.

Nightscape #160: Listen outside the box!

Wednesday, June 27, 3:00 PM PDT

Sure, a jukebox can be fun. But why limit your entertainment to that? Instead, go to the Worldwide Web and listen to There you will find limitless possibilities by DJs who care! And while you are at, tune in to Nightscape on Wednesday, June 27th at 3:00 PM PDT for music tailored for your listening pleasure. Listen outside the box!

Nightscape #159: Wednesday, May 16, 3PM-5PM PDT. Music is the best way to travel!

This Space Age rocket radio operates on both medium and short wave bands, pulling music right out of the air--music that is traveling at speeds we mere humans can barely comprehend. While this radio is a marvel of its time, what is even more marvelous is how, in today's world, we can pull music out of the air in a different way--through WiFi and the World Wide Web. At Luxuriamusic, the music travels to us and is our portal to aural ecstasy. Wednesday, May 16, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM PDT, Nightscape travels our way. Be sure to tune in. Music is the best way to travel!


Nightscape #158: Utter delight and joy, the smiles say it all!

Even in the earliest days of Internet radio, the dedicated DJs and supporting staff at Luxuriamusic have taken great pride in delivering utter delight and joy to our discriminating listeners. While you’re listening to Luxuriamusic, tune in to Nightscape Wednesday, April 18, at 3:00 PM PDT. These smiles say it all!

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