Ah! Un Poco De Live!

Sometimes we've gotta wonder about "C'mon Live A Little" host Derrick Bostrom: is he lazy, stupid or just inconsiderate? 

Sid & Marty Party!

This Friday's Bubblegum & Other Delights will be a Krofft Supershow of sorts as I celebrate the wacky duo that warped '70s Saturday mornings for me and children everywhere. I'll be playing songs from Sid & Marty soundtracks such as Pufnstuf and The Bugaloos, as well as theme songs for their other psychedelic shows. Got a request or three? Help me, Jimmy, help me! Just hit the Comments button and type them in by Thursday afternoon and I'll try to track them down. PS: The magic (mongo) happens at 7 p.m. on Friday. Becky

Artist Lynne Naylor's "Arlice's Odyssey" Palm Springs Exhibition!

M Modern Gallery is having the opening of "Arlice's OdysseyTM", a solo exhibition of new works by Lynne Naylor. The show opens Saturday September 13th from 7-10pm at M Modern Gallery, and will continue throughout the month of October.

Twelve beautiful new paintings* follow the fantastical adventures of enchanted orphan ArliceTM, and her encounters with magical creatures and mystical lands on her never-ending travels.

These amazing new pieces will form the first installment of Lynne Naylor's upcoming illustrated story book series "Arlice's Odyssey", due for publication in 2009. 

"Come To The Sunshine" celebrates Sal Valentino's Birthday with a Beau Brummels Spectacular!

This Monday is the birthday of one of the great singers of the 1960s (and beyond): Sal Valentino. With his band, the Beau Brummels, he pioneered the folk-rock sound (scoring two hits before the Byrds even registered with "Mr. Tambourine Man"), country-rock with the ground breaking Bradley's Barn album, not to mention so much majestic, symphonic rock on Triangle.

In honor of this occasion, I have an all new episode of "Come To The Sunshine" (#47) planned for Monday (September 8th) which celebrates Sal and the Brummels starting at 4PM (PDT). We'll hear all the hits and misses, plus plenty of rarities (as well as a set of covers from the Everly Brothers, Harpers Bizarre, The New Breed and Gloria Tracy). If you are a Brummels fan you won't want to miss this one!

Please join me if you can,

dD Sound Machine will return on Friday September 19th at 9pm!~!!!!!!

Oh Kiddies, I do apologize for my absence this past month! August being the height of summertime frivolities, my social calendar was much too heavy and my home turned into a hotel.

Now dougee Dimensional returns with new tunes, new moves and the usual madcap fan that you all know and love on a Friday night!!!! 

Looking forward to getting back in touch with you all so mark the date now and hope you can listen in on the 19th!!

The Kitsch Niche Goes Back to School!

Monday, Sept. 8th - 7 to 10 pm PST:

Go BACK TO SCHOOL with the Kitsch Niche!  Strike's back with a live show!  The first segment will be all about school, and how much we loved/hated it!  Strike will lecture you with stories from his sordid educational past.  Please take notes.  There will be a quiz at the end of the show!  Don't be tardy!  As always, there will be a new, HI(gh school)LARIOUS skit at the start of the show!

And don't forget  to listen to the Classic Kitsch Niche every Saturday night from 6 - 9 pm PST!


Hazy Osterwald Jet Set

I found this album as I did most of my records — for a buck at a thrift store down in Phoenix somewhere. But I had not idea how dear it was until recently when one of my fellow deejays at LuxuriaMusic told me he’d give his life for it. Seems its lead off track, “Swinging London,” was included on the second volume of “The In-Kraut,” a popular series of groovy German pop obscurities from the sixties and seventies. Oddly enough, this album doesn’t appear to have found its way onto any of the share sites on my short list. Either nobody else has it, or the blogosphere has issued a collective thumbs down on this album.

VPILFs, Veronica and Vocabulary

It has often been said (OK, never) that politics and bubblegum make strange bedfellows, but junk news junkies who are fans of the musical genre hit the trifecta this week. First, there were those Brady Bunch and Jonas Brothers name droppings in relation to the National Democratic Convention, and today John McCain announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. BG&OD listeners might remember Sarah from her work as a sexy steno in show fave Adam Ant's "Goody Two Shoes" video from the early '80s.

Got Plans To Live A Little This Saturday?

If your answer to the above question is "yes," we hope you'll consider checking in with us at 3PM (Pacific Time) for "C'mon Live A Little," the show that crams as much music as it can into a broadcast hour. For the record, that's just just a couple minutes shy of 60 minutes worth, allowing for the occasional commercial or station ID. But what's a couple minutes among friends? What remains promises to be pure ear candy. Once again, host Derrick Bostrom has cobbled together a typically puerile selection of tracks which are sure to get you off your feet -- if not to dance then certainly to do housework.

The Dudsome Brothers

MTV--His opponent may be trying to brand him as a celebrity, but Barack Obama isn't the biggest star in his own daughters' eyes. When Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Denver on Monday night after their mom Michelle's speech, they had no idea their dad was going to be beamed in live via satellite. When Mrs. Obama told the girls she had a surprise for them, the potential first lady was pretty surprised at the response. "Is it the Jonas Brothers?!" Malia asked.

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