Heeeeeeeeeere's Nauga!

So many beloved brand mascots have said, "Goodbye, cruel world," so it's nice to know that one that represents cruelty-free fashion is still alive and kicking. Especially since rumors of its grizzly death were greatly exaggerated but widely believed at one time.

Bicycle Safety

God bless America’s secularized public school system for teaching generations of students the proper habits of good citizenship, public safety and personal hygiene. But don’t count out the scores of church schools who had their heavy hands in the game as well. Sure, they had a lock on the materials devoted strictly to religious instruction, but devotional institutions of learning also showed an interest in seeing that their students’ time on earth was as long and trouble-free as possible. And though classroom filmstrips might be more likely to, say, celebrate the studious habits of a young Abe Lincoln, they didn’t shy away from a good old traffic safety fear fest either.

This Saturday Afternoon on "C'mon! Live A Little!"

This week on "C'mon!

Cheerful Little Earful

Everyday, people walk right up to me on the street and say, "Dude, why are you so HAPPY all the time??"
To them, I just smile and shrug.  But to YOU, I'll let you know my secret to eternal youth and happiness:

Futzing Around With The New Content Management Features

Here at "C'mon! Live A Little!" Central, we're having a ball putting the new LuxuriaMusic web site through its paces.

Like most of our experiences trying to get a new piece of software to work the way we want it, some of that fun is expressed by tearing our hair out and pounding our head on the table.

For instance: for some reason, the Event Calendar has a hard time distinguishing between the days of the week. An Event set to repeat on Saturdays will start on Saturday and then start to repeat on Fridays -- unless we try to edit it, then it begins to start on Friday too! Interesting!

But we will continue to soldier on through these trying formative stages, and try to remain proactive in bringing you the reader the kind of events, playlists and blog posts you want to see.

For those of you who dig "The Gentle People," ....What do you know hits Itunes May 20th 2008!

Hey all you fabulous luxuria listeners, in case you didn't already know, DJ dougee Dimensional is actually in a band called "The Gentle People," who have been purveyors of the easy scene since 1993.
Anyway, cutting to the chase, Tomorrow sees the release of a new single on Itunes entitled "What do you know?" featuring some great mixes, one by moi, dD Sound Machine, Pinker Tones, Kevin Yost and Pokerflat Records artist Nivek Tsoy.
Check it out if you get a chance or you can preview the songs at

A Little Bit of Bubble Soul on BG&OD Tonite

I don't know what more to say about tonite's Bubble Soul Spectacular on Bubblegum & Other Delights other than that it will star Fleagle, Mushmouth, Meadowlark Lemon, Snorky, Tito Jackson, the Rock Flowers and a host of other great soul strutters! Hope to see you in my chat room at the new & improved LuxuriaMusic. com!

* Becky (Agent Bubble O'Soul) * Host of Bubblegum & Other Delights * 7 to 9 p.m. PST each Friday * LuxuriaMusic. com *

PS: Be sure to tune into my fellow-Agent Kari's Lux show K.A.O.S. a Go-Go tonite at 5 p.m. too! * 

dD Sound Machine is on tonite May the 16th at 9pm-11pm

Hey kiddies,
I will be spinning tonight and doing a bit of a tribute to one of luxuriamusic's influencial actors, John Phillip Law from Barbarella, Diabolik, Love Machinet, etc.
Hope you all can make it and chat to you on the show.

Disneyland Billboard Design 1955

Disneyland Billboard Design 1955

A fabulous concept for a freeway billboard promoting Walt Disney's new playland in Anaheim. Pastel and gouache. Artist unknown.

Note the proposed Monstro the Whale water slide attraction, and the knights dukin' it out in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle! One of the most fun pieces of original Disneyland artwork I've ever seen.

Disneyland Billboard Design 1955
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The Little Cloud

Classroom Filmstrips have been a staple of kitch fans since time immemorial (that’s about four decades, in Kitsch Years), yet the Web still lacks a truly marvellous repository of the things. Collectors are apparently afraid to let them out of their little plastic tubes for fear they’ll crumble in the air. Others would rather compile them onto equally crumbly paper and weigh in on the matter with their own two cents.

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