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Lux x10 Continues with Music from the Top of the Decades! Tuesday and Wednesday, January 7th and 8th


Tuesday 1/7: 5pm- Johnny Witmer spins music from the MEAN STREETS of 1980 on Super Grease Radio!

Lux x10- Saturday, Jan 4th through Friday, Jan 10th! Music from the '0 Years Curated By the LuxuriaMusic DJs!


Saturday 1/4: 4pm- Derrick Bostrom and Come On Live A Little celebrates 1970; 5pm- Circa 2000 LuxuriaMusic interview with Carol Kaye by Dennis Kelley and Chuck Kelley; 7pm- Circa 2010 LuxuriaMusic aircheck of Heroes & Villains with Chuck Kelley; 9pm- Count Reeshard and Lee

LuXmas is HERE!! Join Us For 24 Hours of Holiday Cheer!

Come Into the Chatroom Wednesday at 9pm, PDT to Remember Gary

Join us in the chatroom at 9pm PDT when we gather together to remember Gary and the wonderful gifts he shared with us week after week on his beloved program. Your presence will be appreciated.


Gary Schneider, RIP


Will we make through 2019? It's up to YOU!


Lux'69: Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 1969 with the LuxuriaMusic DJs!


Click here for LuXmas! 24 Hours of Music to Survive the Holidays By!

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Thanks for 2017! Will we make it through 2018? We CAN with your help!

 When you participate in the 2018 Listener Sponsorship Drive, you're helping to guarantee the survival of this one-of-a-kind source for music and culture. Once a year, we reach out to our faithful listener-believers to gather the means by which to keep this wild experiment going.
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