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Playlist for The Saturday Night Special, 1/10/15 with host DJ Matt Foley

Visceral Volume on Saturday Night Special 1/10/15 set list #1 host DJ Matt Foley 

w/guests Buzz Osborne of Melvins, and Matt Cronk of Qui.
1. Melvins - 'Sesame Street Meat'
2. Qui - 'Awkward Human Interest'
3. Miles Davis - 'Black Satin'
4. Elvis - 'Don't Be Cruel'
5. David Bowie - 'Repetion'
6. All Leather - 'Luang Probang'
7. Jeff Beck Group - 'Shapes of Things'
8. Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (JSBX) - 'Wail'
9. Black Flag - 'My Rules'
10. Cows - 'Plowed'
11. Mott the Hoople - 'Jerkin' Krokus'
12. Gang of Four - 'Paralysed'
13. Qui - 'Prison Braid'
14. Brutal Truth - 'God Player'
15. Marlene Dietrich - 'Falling In Love Again'

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