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10th Annual LuxuriaMusic BEATLES DAY

On Wednesday, December 8, 2010, come celebrate the music of John, Paul, George, Ringo, Billy, Stu, & Pete aka THE BEATLES with DJ’s Steve Stanley, Andrew SandovalHowie Pyro, Strike, Jim Laspesa, Angel Baby, Dr. Nod and Luxotron. That’s right, it’s LuxuriaMusic’s 10th Annual Tribute to THE BEATLES!

LuxuriaMusic is BACK!! No Earhole is Safe!!


To all our great friends and devoted listeners:

LuxuriaMusic has resolved its technical issues, and is back on the air!

As you can imagine, being offline for two days has brought our need to consistently raise funds front and center.  Some of our listeners have already generously responded with either one-time or recurring donations, and we thank you very much!  If you would like to do the same, it's as easy as clicking on the Donate link just above.

The LuxuriaMusic staff is a tight knit family of friends, and as you may already know, we're thrilled to call many of our listeners family too.  We can not thank you all enough for all the support you've offered us!

Thank you very much again!

Where'd that Rotary Rachel go??

Why, back to Chicago for a couple of weeks!  Gathering energies, rolling some Chicago Gold all for YOU in upcoming weeks!

"But what about THIS weekend," you shriek?  "I needs mah Crystal Telephone!"

FEAR NOT!  The skillful technicians at Luxuria are here to help with an encore of DJ Rotary Rachel's utterly faboo in-studio interview with Frank Conniff ("TV's Frank" of Mystery Science Theater 3000).  If you missed it, or jes' don't shine to newfangled hoopajoobs like "podcasts," don't worry.

Just tune in at Rachel's usual time, 6-9 pm PT Saturday (9 pm - Midnight ET).  We promise, even though the show is old, the chat will be brand new!

Where in the Realm is Rotary Rachel?

Ah, glad you asked!  The host of The Crystal Telephone, DJ Rotary Rachel, is still in Chicago doing intense field investigations of its landline communications network (or POTS, in industry lingo).
In the mean (and it is, to be sure, QUITE mean) time, why not use this opportunity to catch up with Rachel's show from September 25th, with the hysterical comedian Blaine Capatch as her very special guest?
Simply tune to Luxuria at Rachel's regular time, 6 pm PT this very evening, and chat5 like your funny bone depends on it... because, in fact, it just very well might!

Rachel returns to Luxuria LIVE on October 23rd!  Don't miss it!

Please be patient with us, folks!

It's BACK, Bay-Bee!

Christmas is history.  All the wrapping is in the city landfill, where it will lie forgotten for the next 11,000 years.
But... what is that?  Why, it's the celebration of Kwaanzaa, and it comes to Luxuria this Saturday at 5 pm Pacific, bringing you infectious Afrobeat from all over the Mother Continent of civilization.  DJ Carl Howard upends Your One True "Space Patrol!" at this beat-driven time of year... just so you can crank up the heat!
Join us, won't you?  The Seven Principles of the holiday will be in full effect: Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Purpose, Creativity, and of course... Faith.
Before and during the show, be sure to follow along with the fully Annotated Playlist!

This very Saturday at 5 pm Pacific...

 "Space Patrol!" #218 is coming!
Stay tuned for details!

Get BeyondoDoctored this Saturday Night!

This week on the Saturday Night Special, Tothar celebrates five decades of Doctor Who-related records. Tune in 7 to 9 pm Pacific on LuxuriaMusic!
For details, visit the official Saturday Night Special Facebook page, and join the Facebook Event now for all the very latest Who-tails!

It's the BeyondoDonovanoPhonic Action Hour!


Today in Luxuria History

Luxotron Records 

A rare photograph of the LuxuriaMusic store from 1958. Notice the distinct lack of iPads and iPhones, which frequently made reception of the station difficult back then.
Fortunately, today it's as simple as adding TuneIn Radio for your Smartphone, or using players like VLC, iTunes, Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer.
And we'll still play you Perry Como, Pat Boone, Montovani, Johnny Mathis, and great music from Italy.

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