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K.A.O.S. A Go-Go is on the Move Move!

Wanna catch DJ Agent Kari Kaos?  Hell yeah, ya do!

Make like a leaf and SHAKE on over to her new regular broadcast time, Fridays at 7-9 pm PT.

Let Kari's fuzz-soaked, garage and psych explosion start your weekend in the naughtiest ways your ears will allow.

Ya Snooz, Ya Lose!!

Eager is the Beaver!

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Hey, ain't that Mel Blanc as the beavers, and Thurl Ravenscroft as the narrator?  Sho nuff!  Classic mid-60s TV animation produced by the legendary Tex Avery. 

The UPWARDLY MOBILE Crystal Telephone!!

Serhe used telephones... shan't you?
In honor of it's 2nd anniversary on Luxuria, The Crystal Telephone can be picked up on a NEW night and time!
Starting September 4th you can answer it's groovy ring on SATURDAY nights from 6-9pm. DJ Rotary Rachel will be welcoming lots of fab guests and brand spankin' new new-ness. Saturday nights, LIVE on Luxuria!

Where in the World is Switched On Audrey... TONIGHT?

Shag Store Opening!

Shake A Poo Poo with Thee Charm School tonight!

It's time once again to Ra, Ra, Ra and Sis, Boom, Bah! Get down with Thee Charm School's Sexy Thursdays live radio broadcast tonight, April 29 from 6 to 8 p.m. California Time. Just log in at and shake a poo poo! Sleazy listening from Howard Tate, Bob Luman, The Stooges, Charlie Feathers, Lightnin' Slim, Leon Payne, Willie Cobbs and much, muchmore.

Enroll In Thee Charm School with DJ Charmin' Allen Larmen!! Are you unable to attend class? Archived make up sessions are available through the Luxuria website, along with podcasts.

The INTOXICA!/Night Train Axis of Evil... tonight!

Jonathan ToubinA Special INTOXICA! alert from DJ Howie Pyro!


Sing a song for Diana!

DianaWest Coast Fog gets all revolutionary 'n shit tonight from 7-9 PST with your host "Good Time" Erik Bluhm. Just go to to listen.

We're gonna do a kinda "F**k the Pigs" set tonight in tribute to Weather Woman Diana Oughton, Dustin Hoffman's neighbor, who got blowed up in a Greenwich Village bomb factory townhouse. We were staying around the corner all last week and checked it out. Heavy vibes still, man.

Tune in to hear her story in song, PLUS rare California mid-60s garage 45s, the mind-blowingest Frisco set yet (Ferlinghetti, Sandy Bull, Savage Resurrection), and some rare Golden State folk rock twang. 99% 1965 -'69 vinyl for a true "head" experience!

Banke on it!

Left Banke
"Come To The Sunshine"
is back today @4PM (pacific) with an all Left Banke/Michael Brown special edition. Enjoy two hours of the baroque genius of this band and other Michael Brown spinoffs (Beckies/Montage/Steve Martin/Yvonne Vitale), including loads of rarities. Join your host, Left Banke afficiando (and compiler of the "There's Gonna Be A Storm" CD) Andrew Sandoval to listen for free on !

Space Patrol... LIVE from L.A. !


This Saturday at 4 pm PT, for the first time... ever!
Your One True SPACE PATROL will come to you LIVE from Luxuria's studio in Hollywood, CA!

Johnny Hawksworth "Pop"

 Johnny Hawksworth - Pop

Pure Production Library Music GOLD!

The great blog Moogsensations has posted an absolute gem of a Now Sound LP by British Library legend Johnny Hawksworth, a jazzy contemporary of Syd Dale, Keith Mansfield and Alan Hawkshaw.  It's thirty four minutes of driving, brassy, fuzz-laden, wah-wah driven rock and proto-funk instrumentals from not later than 1970.
As you go to music blogs, especially those which get into the shadowy world of music like this which was never intended for commercial release, you tend to see the phrase "All Killer, No Filler" bandied about with the frequency that "lost classic" is used on psych blogs for any LP that ever fell through the cracks of history.
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