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WHY Does your One True SPACE PATROL eschew Beatles Day?


Now in its 332nd glorious year, the Luxuria Music tradition of Beatles Day - in which the songs of the Feeb Four are played but only by third party representatives - is a great opportunity to see how musicians throughout the world have covered the composiitons of Messrs. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starkey.  The contributions by Luxuria's stalwart DJs are so overwhelming, so far reaching, and so thoughtfully diverse that I personally felt my own musical resources would add little that was not already in evidence.

Sandie Shaw knows Lux makes you feel clean!

Bumper Sticker in Action? Hot Cha!

YES!  There is Hot, Heated,

Luxuriamusic Bumper Sticker on

Korean Beatermobile Action!

See how it glints in the

half-baked Ohio Sun!

Spend some time with an indulgent Mufti!

Delight, Luxurians, in the sheer, star-spangled GLOH-REE!

Be TURA! Be not OTHER than TURA!

You'lln't enpour Tura into a Tureen, since this being of sexy, shall provide the enkickening of boweloo!


Thanks to the Several True Siouxsan Perry's!
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Zeenat Aman #2 - Chura Liya Hai Tum Ne

The clip is from the 1973 Bollywood classic "Yaadon Ki Baaraat" starring Zeenat Aman, from which my earlier screen capture was lifted ( ). The song proved so popular that it wound up appearing on CD sampler after sampler only a few years ago, and subsequently it became the title of a Mumbai-produced flick in its own right. The surprise is, the theme was liberally lifted from there theme song to "If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium" by Donovan Leitch.

THIS is why to Bollywood!

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