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This Sunday: Celebrating 45 years of Monkees 45s!

This week marks the 45th anniversary of the release of the first Monkees 45 ("Last Train To Clarksville"). And, well, you know that Tothar can't resist an excuse to celebrate a cool anniversary on his Beyondophonic Action Hour show.

For this Sunday's Beyondophonic show, Tothar has lined up 19 nifty covers of Monkees A-sides and B-sides. I've got 18 different artists spanning 4.5 decades covering 13 Monkees songs! The talent roster includes the likes of Wanda Jackson and the Four Tops and The Church and Sam Phillips and Enoch Light and Perez Prado and Barry Gray...and MORE! And don't miss "the OTHER David Jones" covering Davy Jones, from a mega-rare late-1960s BBC Bowie session!

New 2011 Beyondophonic Barry Gray Tribute - July 24

Tothar Presents the Latest Annual Barry Gray Tribute - New 2011 Edition 
In celebration of what would have been Barry Gray's 103rd birthday this past week, I, Tothar, proudly present my latest tribute to the FAB Gerry Anderson composer. I'll be spotlighting the new Stand By For Adverts CD alongside rare and exclusive recordings. If you want to hear past shows #1-4, just check 'em out at the archives at the official Barry Gray site.

The Beyondophonic Beachland Brunch with DJ Tothar!

Man, It's been FOREVER since I've done a live/public DJ gig, and I've been meaning to do one of the Beachland's "Sunday DJ Brunch" events for almost as long.

So, in between Mother's Day and Memorial Day, I'll be hauling over 75 of my favorite records up to Cleveland for a 4-hour Beyondophonic Action Brunch!

And furthermore, I will be recording the DJ set and doing song announcements and pre-recording four hours of my radio show *...LIVE* at the Beachland Tavern, complete with ambient crowd noise. Across the month of June, you can later re-live the event by tuning into my show "The Beyondophonic Action Hour" on Sunday nights at 7 pm PT on Internet radio. Eat your heart out, Garrison Keillor!

"Wrecking Crew Tribute / Masterpieces of '60s U.S. Pop" Beyondophonic special

An overdue special edition of The Beyondophonic Action Hour

Return of the Akron-Montreal Crossover Shows!

Following last week's grand finale of the year-long Encyclopedia of Sound project, John T. and Tothar are taking a well-deserved holiday break and re-running their first ever collaborative crossover shows... The Akron-Montreal Shows... which originally aired way back in 2008.

Join us this Boxing Day (that's December 26—the day after Christmas—to those of you not in Canada, the UK, or down under) from 6-8 pm pacific time / 9-11 pm eastern time on!

See you on the radio... and be sure to join us in the luxuriamusic chat room if you can!

Beyondophonic Edmundo Ros 100th Birthday Fiesta

EDMUNDO ROS 100th B-Day Fiesta - Sunday Dec 5, 2010 - 10PM EST/7PM PST 
Whoa! Edmundo Ros will be celebrating his 100th birthday on Tuesday Dec. 7! In honor of the soon-to-be-centenarian, Tothar will play an hour of his favorite Edmundo records on this Sunday's Beyondophonic Action Hour. And be sure to leave a birthday greeting for the Latin Boss in the Comments area for this blog entry. (The Ros family will share your messages with Edmundo.)

Go beyond Disneyland to... BEYONDOLAND!

It's 60 minutes of non-Disney Disney-themed thrills on Sunday night's Beyondophonic Action Hour. Get your complimentary Beyondoland guide map HERE

New Beyondophonic Barry Gray Birthday Tribute - Sunday July 18

 This Sunday, July 18, marks the 102nd anniversary of Barry Gray's birth. That sounds to me like a great excuse for a new Barry Gray tribute radio special!

On this Sunday's "Beyondophonic Action Hour" show, hear themes from 24 different Gerry Anderson TV and film productions, including unreleased gems courtesy the Barry Gray estate. We'll also dig into some of the rare, post-Gray music from more recent Anderson productions.

If you can't tune into the live stream at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern, a podcast should be in the Luxuria show archives sometime on Monday. (But note: these are only kept available for download for a couple of months, so act soon.)

Mini-Skirts and Lederhosen! The Return of OKTOBERFEST IN MARCH

On The Beyondophonic Action Hour, Sunday March 7 and 14, it's Tothar's annual response to "Christmas in July." Tune in for an onslaught of boffo and baffling German-language pop, mostly from the 1960s. 

First up, an all-new installment on March 7. Among other Deutschland delights, this show will explore Germany's bizarre, widespread musical fixation with American Wild West cowboys. Then, on March 14, an encore presentation of Oktoberfest in March 2009. Along with gobs of go-go goodness, it included a block of hot German mambos/cha-chas/sambas, plus some swingin' Deutsche Tom Jones covers that caused a minor uproar in the Lux Chatroom last March. 

The Beyondophonic Action Hour with Tothar: Sundays 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern, here on LuxuriaMusic.

Fred Schneider Returns To Luxuria on this Sunday's Beyondophonic Action Hour

The Return of Fred!
In between B-52s tours and Superions recording sessions, the mighty Fred Schneider squeezed in a sequel to his 2009 Beyondophonic phone-in co-host extravaganza. In addition to vintage favorites from the Tothar's and Fred's record collections, you'll hear a saucy (and saucer-y) track from Fred's new Superions EP, hitting stores Feb. 23 on CD and vinyl. Tune in this Sunday, 10pm Eastern / 7pm Pacific.
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