Clean Needle Exchange

Hallucinatural mix of psyche-naturalist field recordings
Clean Needle Exchange with Allen D. Glass II is a hallucinatural mix of psyche-naturalist field recordings. Your ears will thrill to the sounds of Romanian alpenhorns, yard dances, Laotian khenes, field hollers, Indian vinas, National guitars, Carpathian phanduris, Joujoukan pipes, and Khmer khloys mixed up with heavy American soul and jazz (and a little opera) from the 50s through the 70s. The concept of the “field recording” will be taken both liberally and literally. Field music will consist of sounds recorded in the field (and sometimes in the studio in the field) by field men and field women as opposed to office boys and girls. You’ll hear only original vinyl - LPs and 45s - as the Clean Needle Exchange will dance along joyfully with a spring in its step. The captivated listener will hear sounds from the far reaches of Indochina and Aboriginal Australia right next to sounds from the deep American South by artists as diverse as J.E. Mainer, Lee Moses, Roscoe Mitchell, Obray Ramsey, Solomon Burke, Leroy Jenkins and Garfield Akers.