LuxuriaMusic DJ Profiles


Allen D. Glass II

Allen D. Glass II -The Harm Reductionist- Special Content Producer
The Harm Reductionist is an international film artist, musicologist, archivist, hallucinaturalist, professor of psychology, and a member of the Photo Archive Group, which preserves the American history of genocide in Southeast Asia. He has collaborated extensively with Wadada Leo Smith; Revolutionary Ensemble and Empty Cage Quartet. Poet Dorothea Grossman once wrote the following text about his films: "Humankind in the unfamiliar landscape, composing itself rhythmically and even lovingly into poetry. Nature as mammal music. The Life Dance, Foreign smells. And silences that are, of course, their own music.

Kat Griffin

Kat Griffin – Madly Cocktail
Saturdays 5 PM - 7 PM

Kat Griffin started her career in radio at age 6 in the mirror with a hair brush and a love for The Partridge Family Album. Recognizing the need to develop her technique, she moved on to tightening up her back announce delivery by absconding with her dad's cassette recorder. These lost tapes were later discovered by her mother and sister in the middle school years, and were a source of many parental ponderings, like, "What the hell is she doing? Girls like her go to nursing school. Who wants to marry a crazy person who talks to herself in the bathroom?" Well, she showed them. Never one to quit anything or say no to any radio opportunity, Kat Griffin is an insanely busy public radio host as well as the LuxuriaMusic station den mother (duties include vacuuming the studio, filling the candy dish, and making sure the pens work). And to top it off, she married fellow public radio geek, Charmin Larman. Her parents were relieved.

Kristian Hoffman

Kristian Hoffman - Pepperland Spicerack - Sundays Noon - 2PM PT

The record collection of Pepperland Spicerack host Kristian Hoffman extends back to the first thrift shops he visited as a 15 year old, with a special emphasis on lite, twee, neurotic, baroque and eccentric international psychedelia from the late ’60s. Hoffman is most noted for writing the pop hits for ’80s cult legend Klaus Nomi, which were featured on all the artist’s CDs and in the recent Palm Pictures DVD "The Nomi Song". He also formed and wrote songs for the highly regarded CBGBs-era pop/punk band the Mumps with the notorious Lance Loud, breakout star of the seminal PBS documentary series "An American Family". Hoffman also has four solo CDs, including his most recent, "Fop" which the L.A. Examiner called ""Imaginative, playful, grandiose, beautiful, Wildean, disturbing, suggestive, evocative, an album that is at times both elegant and avant garde, both glam rock and modern orchestral symphony!" Previous to "Fop" he recorded an album of collaborations called, simply "&" - with notables such as Rufus Wainwright, Van Dyke Parks, Russell Mael (Sparks), Paul Reubens, Maria McKee and fellow Luxuriamusic DJ Michael Quercio. The L.A. Weekly called this CD “the record every fan of the Beatles, the Beach Boys, the Kinks and great songcraft in general has been pining for."

Carl Howard

CONSPIRACY!!Carl Howard - Space Patrol - Sundays @ 11am PT

Carl Howard, the unconscionable host of your one true SPACE PATROL, has a disturbingly long and checkered history with alternative music and media. In the 1980s he published a magazine dedicated to commercially unviable bands and composers called ARTITUDE, and operated the audiofile Tapes (aT) label and distribution network for fifteen years.

DJ JDub (John Walsh)

 John Walsh (DJ JDub) - Outrage Radio – Thursdays 9-11 PM PT 

John has been running around in the underground music/club scene since his early teens in the Northern California Bay Area. He cut his teeth in radio during college where he dj’d for four years, was the loud rock director, and later music director of the school station. After moving to Los Angeles he worked in various music industry positions, prompting him to launch an online punk rock mail-order business. This eventually grew into a full time music distribution company that lasted for a decade. He also formed a record label (Uppercut Records) that released hard-hitting albums from wild and unruly rock n’ rollers such as The BellRays, The Goddamn Gentlemen, Simon Stokes, and The Flash Express. Outrage Radio is a show intent on blasting Garage, Punk, Rock, Soul, Heavy, Psych, and Alternative sounds. You will hear a lot of new music as well as older gems.

Lee Joseph

Lee JosephLee Joseph - Over Under Sideways Down  - Over Under Sideways Down
Wednesdays - 5 - 7 PM PT

Host Lee Joseph is a lifelong music fan, record collector, and sole force behind Dionysus Records, now in its' third decade. His love for music, records, and radio began before he can remember; somewhere there's an 8mm family film of Lee, not even a handful of digits old, carrying a 45. Over Under Sideways Down reflects his wide scope of musical tastes, spanning decades, and is billed as a variety of shows, not a variety show. Each show is themed; from week-to-week you'll hear solid blocks of exotica, r&b, soul, doo-wop, garage, instro/surf, freakbeat, psych, prog, hard rock, rockabilly, punk, power-pop and more including shows that explore record label discographies and regional/international scenes. Lee also features special guests; past guests include Jello Biafra, DJ Bonebrake, Keith Morris, Robert Drasnin (RIP), members of The Pandoras and visual artists Hudson Marquez and William Stout.

Agent Kari

DJ Agent KariAgent Kari - K.A.O.S. A-Go-Go - Fridays 7-9 PM

Agent Kari plays music that serves as a soundtrack to the groovy ’60s lifestyle she’s created for herself with clothing, interior design & a psychedelic mindset. On her LuxuriaMusic show, she spins songs that fall under her personal definition of Go Go—upbeat music that makes her want to shake it up in a chaotic and colorful fashion. She loves to dance, and that passion has led her to discover many of her musical selections.

For the past eleven years, this host of K.A.O.S a Go-Go (Kari’s Audio Orbit Shindig) has traveled undercover to 1960s-themed parties in Europe, performing/go go dancing under the alias Mata Kari. She focuses on 60’s garage and psych, especially tracks with fuzzy guitar & crazy organ grooves; but also likes freakbeat, funky soul, trippy rock, sexy soundtracks & jazzy library music. She gets especially turned on if any of the above are sung in a foreign tongue!

Paul Kennedy

Paul Kennedy - Nightscape - Wednesday -  3 - 5 PM PT

Paul Kennedy has been exposed to a variety of music since his childhood. His father was a jazz musician and a music teacher, so it was hard not to be interested in music. Paul's first experience with a turntable was at about age 8, spinning The Grand Canyon Suite on the family record player. Later, as a teenager, his interests moved to pop 60s music. The first record he bought was Between The Buttons by The Rolling Stones. In 1969, after joining the Navy, Paul was stationed in the Bay Area, where he took in concerts at the Fillmore West, Winterland, and The Family Dog.

Charmin' Larman

Charmin' Larman - Special Content Producer 

Music has possessed Charmin' Larman his entire life. At an early age he was exposed to many different sounds. Thanks in part his parents who are public radio legends. One of the key defining moments was seeing Lightnin' Hopkins perform. It had a profound impact on the youngster. He can still envision in his head the smoking jacket that the blues legend was wearing on stage.

Lina Lecaro

 Lina Lecaro - Hot Licks with Lina - Sundays, 2-4pm, PT 

Born and bred in Los Angeles, Lina Lecaro has been a music journalist for over two decades and a curator/DJ in the clubs for almost as long. She is the nightlife columnist (#LinaInLA) and music critic at LA Weekly, and her work can be seen in Noisy/Vice, Billboard, Yahoo, Playboy, Paper,, Paste, Consequence of Sound, Flavorwire, Buzzbands, Thrillist and LAist, to name just a few. She has written two books, “Los Angeles’ Best Dive Bars- Drinking and Diving in the City of Angels” and “Never Mind the Rules- An Alternative Dating Guide for Girls Who Wanna Rock.” She holds a BA in Journalism from CSUN and lives in Los Feliz, California with li’l rocker daughter Charlotte. She is also a nightlife and media maven tour guide at Air BnB, wherein she provides tours (#ExcessInTheCity) to LA’s best after dark fun for a nominal fee. She is a 70’s pop culture obsessive who collects vintage clothing, platforms, Rolling Stones (her favorite band) stuff and memorabilia. She’s a rock chick with a goth girl heart and a disco spirit.