Howie Pyro

DJ Howie PyroHowie Pyro- Intoxica - Tuesdays 9-11 PM Pacific Time

Intoxica host Howie Pyro has been collecting records since his parents started taking him to garage sales as a kid. His love of monsters & weirdness drew him to buy records that are just being discovered today as obscure gems. Pyro spins primitive 50's & 60's rhythms from 45's from the deep underbelly of the original rock & roll era.
Pyro has traveled the world as a musician, and he has played, recorded and written with such diverse artists as Johnny Thunders, Ronnie Spector, Joey Ramone, Rancid, Genesis P-Orridge, Danzig, D Generation, Kid Congo Powers (Cramps, Gun Club, Nick Cave & Bad Seeds), Debbie Harry, Jayne County, Alan Vega and others. Howie has also done a lot of music supervision work for films & TV, is a well known Disc Jockey, and has deejayed for everyone from the Cramps to Christina Agulera. Recently he did the premiere party for the TV series Mad Men. Pyro taps into his 30,000-strong collection of odd records every week on Intoxica.   


Philosophy of my (demented) radio show:  To spin primitive 50's & 60s 45's: mental instros, garage and punk from all over the world, surf, retarded lounge losers, crazy Asian a go-go, rockabilly, monster music, psycho soul, freaky funk, soundtracks, not-so-psychedelic songs about LSD, voodoo R&B, greasy sleazy, songs about cockroaches... Mucho bizarro world nonsense! All mixed together with clips from bizarre old movies, old DJ spasms plus my own echo chamberized shreiks.

Artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show: The Revels, Frank Furter & His Hot Dogs, The Groupies, Hasil Adkins, The Saucers, Los Johnny Jets, Florian Monday & His Mondos, 006, Alfred E. Neuman, Musical Linn Twins, Ronnie Cook & his Gaylads, Frankie Stein & His Ghouls, Fat Daddy Holmes, Mad Mike Moldies & Monsters, Round Robin, The Midnighters, Thee Midniters, and unknown Chinese beat group!

To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Put on your turban, pour yourself a black & white milkshake and spin your chair around 23 times then get up & fall down!!! Do the dances!

When I’m not DJing I can be found: Climbing through dumpsters looking for records.

Secret superpower I possess: Ability to hear a great record over the Internet with no sound file.

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