Strike - The Kitsch Niche -  Sundays 8 - 11 pm PST

Lately, numerous hipster blogs have been reporting bizarre incidents that always occur at the same time every Sunday night. Who is this mysterious “Strike”? Where is he from? What does he want?

Is he trying to send us a message from beyond the grave? Does he offer us an extraterrestrial answer to world peace through code? One can only guess, but this much is known: We must be alert and vigilant, and continue to monitor his LuxuriaMusic radio show Kitsch Niche week in and week out. Perhaps the answer is already there, waiting to be unearthed.

One of these people is the mysterious Strike: 


  • Philosophy of my radio show: Pour contents of gargantuan Incredibly Strange Music collection into blender. Add bits of comedy, theme shows, and horrible impressions into blender. Garnish with cheese.
  • Five artists LuxuriaMusic listeners will hear on my show:Outerspacenoveltykidsmoogforeignspaceagepercussionsurfsoundtrackproductrelated
    axploitationsoulacidaogo Smith. (He used to play guitar on the Lawrence Welk Show.)
  • To derive maximum pleasure from my radio show: Put on a Fez, pour yourself a Molotov Cocktail and lock up any famous personality who has wanted to be taken seriously and recorded a record to prove it
  • When I’m not DJing I can be found: Back at the halfway home
  • Secret superpower I possess: Ultra-hyper-super-duper-colossal sexiness (used for the good of mankind)   

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