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Nightscape #153: Holy Flying Cow!

Holy flying cow, is it time for Nightscape again? Udderly, yes! The folks in this neighborhood have been enlightened and now, so are you. Tune in to Wednesday, October 25, at 3:00 PM pacific time for some entertaining moosic.
C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 11/11/2017

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode Two Hundred Seventy

    1.    Friendship - Kay Kyser (Harry, Ginny, Jack & Ish, vocals)
    2.    Powder Your Face with Sunshine (Smile! Smile! Smile!) - Evelyn Knight and the Stardusters
    3.    You Can't Pull The Wool Over My Eyes - Benny Goodman (Helen Ward, vocal)
    4.    It All Comes Back To Me Now - Hal Kemp (Bob Allen, vocal)

Outrage Radio playlist for 11/09/2017
C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 11/04/2017

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode One Hundred Ninety-Nine

    1.    Super Roll - Orchestra Peter Hamilton
    2.    California Home - Mark Eric
    3.    Reflections (Summer '75) - The Dezro Orchestra
    4.    L.A. Happening - Chuck Bridges and the L.A. Happening
    5.    Brown Sugar  - Mike Batt Orchestra

Outrage Radio playlist for 11/02/2017
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Outrage Radio playlist for 10/26/2017
C'mon Live a Little! playlist for 10/28/2017

"C'mon! Live A Little!" Episode Two Hundred Sixty-Nine

    1.    Western - Jean-Claude Vannier
    2.    Moanin' (Without Sitar) - Chris Farlowe
    3.    Sweet City Women - Byron Lee And The Dragonaires
    4.    Hold Tight - Jo Ment
    5.    Lay Love On You - Max Greger
    6.    The Dweller - Harper & Rowe

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