Fiberglass Jungle playlist for 04/27/2013

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Artist Title Album Label Link
The Crossfires "Fiberglass Jungle" Out of Control Sundazed 1995
Zorba & The Greeks "Shockwave" Lost Legends of Surf Guitar Vol. 4: Shockwave! Sundazed 2005
Southern Culture on the Skids "Meximelt" Santo Swings Estrus 1996
Ken Sasaki & The Tiki Boys "At The Tiki Bar" Tiki Moon Vintage Groove 2002
Phantom Surfers "Crossover Tragedy" The Exciting Sounds of Model Road Racing Lookout 1997
Frankie & The Poolboys "Rattler Ranch" The Adventures of Cap’n Coconuts Double Crown To Be: 2013
The Krontjong Devils "Bali Ha’i" Surfin’ Sounds of The Rarity 1996
The Glasgow Tiki Shakers "Kagoshima Go" Little Orbit Tip Top 2012
The Blue Hawaiians "Martini Five-O" Sway Pascal 1998
Martin Cilia "Walking in Sand" Going to Kaleponi Bombora 2013
The Treblemakers "It’s in the Bag, Dad" Flippin’ The Bird Gee Dee 1998
Jetpack "Motel Nowhere" Planet Reverb Pascal 2000
The Longboards "Mothra" Motorhythm El Toro 2008
Gold Dust Lounge "Super E" Wynwood Bootleg Self Released 2012
Necronomikids "Blood of Kingu" Necronomikids Self Released 2009
Necronomikids "Popcorn" Necronomikids Self Released 2009
Dave Myers and The Surf Tones "Aquavelva" Hangin’ Twenty Del Fi 1994
The El Caminos "Greensleeves" Beatrama El Fi
Elliot Easton’s Tiki Gods "Ballad of Cowboyardee" Easton Island Self Released 2013
The Atomic Mosquitos "Dark Side of Chimps" Meltdown Nukular 2008
The Aqualads "It Came From the Sea" Surf! Surf! Surf! Self Released 2004
The Ghastly Ones "Robot Atomico" Unearthed Ghastly Plastics 2007
The Volcanos "Brand New Board" Finish Line Fever Estrus 1998
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet "Aunts Invasion" Dim the Lights, Chill The Ham Cargo
The Vanduras "Theme For Troubled Teens" In The Dark Pascal 2002
The Toads "Morpheus" Surf-Age Nuggets Rock Beat 2012
The Eliminators "Marty’s Theme" Room to Move Elminator 2010
The Chantays "Space Probe" Two Sides Of Repertoire (German) 1990
King Pelican "Morocco" The Good The Bad and The Reverb Stingray 2012
The Thunderchiefs "Gremmie’s Holiday" Dig Wormtone 2007
The Travelers of Tyme "Surf Enchantress of Ni’hau 1950" Travelers of Tyme  Self Released 2011