Beach Boys Landmark Dedication

On May 20, 2005 The Beach Boys will be honored with their very own California State Historical Landmark. The official state landmark and accompanying plaque will be dedicated near the site of the original Wilson family home at the corner of W.119th and Kornblum Avenue in Hawthorne, California. The Wilson house was demolished in the mid 1980


Thanks for Your Support of the Landmark Project

Hi, Dennis. Just wanted to thank all of you at Luxuria for your support of the Beach Boys Historic Landmark Project. May 20th will mark the end of an effort that took almost two years to make happen, but it was worth every minute. Hope to meet you guys and a lot of Beach Boys fans at the corner of W. 119th and Kornblum in Hawthorne on the big day. Dedication ceremony begins at 1 p.m.

Harry Jarnagan - Chair, Beach Boys Historic Landmark Project.

Beach Boys Landmark Dedication

Wouldn't dream of missing it. This one is *mandatory attendance*. I'm starting my trip now, though. Coming from the East Coast, I have to surf through the Panama Canal, and that takes weeks. See you there!

Beach Boys Landmark

Hope to see you there Lee! But even if you can't make it to the dedication, I hope you'll consider a donation, "no matter how small" (as the saying goes). It's a noble and worthy effort, I think, and the folks behind it deserve the thanks and support of all of us who admire the Boys.

Sounds good Dennis

Still hoping to make it. It's all about time and money. Will I have both available? We'll see. 8)