It's BACK, Bay-Bee!

Christmas is history.  All the wrapping is in the city landfill, where it will lie forgotten for the next 11,000 years.
But... what is that?  Why, it's the celebration of Kwaanzaa, and it comes to Luxuria this Saturday at 5 pm Pacific, bringing you infectious Afrobeat from all over the Mother Continent of civilization.  DJ Carl Howard upends Your One True "Space Patrol!" at this beat-driven time of year... just so you can crank up the heat!
Join us, won't you?  The Seven Principles of the holiday will be in full effect: Unity, Self-Determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Purpose, Creativity, and of course... Faith.
Before and during the show, be sure to follow along with the fully Annotated Playlist!


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