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Space Patrol playlist for 09/07/2013


Get ready to introduce SOUNDS directly into your ears, as Your One True "Space Patrol!" once again rolls out an ALL-NEW show, with your alleged host, DJ Carl Howard!

It happens Saturdays at 5 pm Pacific time / 8 pm Eastern time, after "Fiberglass Jungle" with DJ Jonpaul Balak LIVE at 2 pm, and "Come On, Let's Live a Little!" with DJ Derrick Bostrom NOT
 SO LIVE at 4 pm!

Remember, any LuxuriaMusic show you miss can be easily downloaded for FREE, right from our website!

Ye cravers of gratuitous swag and merch... check out The Space Patrol Listentorium - the online stall of official and largely unfortunate goodies, hand designed... for YOU!

Space Patrol playlist for 12/15/2012

Space Patrol! 209 - NEW!

Space patrol 2011

Satisfying your yearnings for non-Los Angeles based Luxuria programming since the year 2003!

Space Patrol playlist for 04/21/2012


Satisfying your yearnings for non-Los Angeles based Luxuria programming since the year 2003!


In all the world of classic Production Library sampling by breakbeat fiends, few catalogues are as prized as the UK's KPM, and Music De Wolfe - still a family-owned business after one hundred years.  But how often do ya get to hear entire tracks instead of just needle drops?

DJ Carl Howard will have a message for you, and it will be unwrapped this Saturday at 4 pm Pacific Time (7 pm ET/2400 GMT) to very, very (very) very Space Patrol! episode featuring the kinds of tracks you always heard over the years in Shaw Brothers Kung Fu epics, "Doctor Who," "Dawn of the Dead," and of course, "Monty Python's Flying Circus.".

In the heady days of 1960s Swinging London, styles changed quickly and De Wolfe adapted fast, releasing a massive number of albums as 10" mono discs, with everything from traditional "Light Entertainment" to industrial soundtracks to jazz to electronic freeform... and of course, to psyche rock, with The Electric Banana, aka The Pretty Things, who are still kicking it today!

We'll be playing a selection of De Wolfe's grooviest beats from the years 1966-1970 taken from over 25 of their most legendary recordings, in just barely over an hour.  Be there!

Space Patrol playlist for 10/15/2011

Sodium Patchouliate 096

Space Patrol playlist for 10/08/2011

Salacious Pasties
(not Pastries, shut up) 095

Space Patrol playlist for 10/01/2011

Slithering Perdition 094

Space Patrol playlist for 09/24/2011

Schlissp Petal 093

Space Patrol playlist for 09/17/2011

Slugg Pfest 092

Space Patrol playlist for 08/27/2011

Spapple Papple 091

Space Patrol playlist for 08/20/2011

Spittoon Pentacost 090